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Better Office Phone - Hosted PBX
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Hosted PBX & Business Telephone Service

Whether you are using a traditional PBX system with traditional Phone lines or you have already migrated to a VOIP system with another company, by upgrading to our Office Phone Service solution you will experience a higher quality service and bigger savings. Our Hosted PBX solution will provide you with all the features of a traditional In-Office PBX system without the high upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs.

Plus there are many more exclusive benefits:

Keep your existing phone numbers
Add direct numbers to extensions
Save up to 50% or more off your existing phone bill.*
Free Canada and US calls (on net, excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
Preferred international long distance rates
Add local numbers in many cities around the world. (make your global business appear local)
Auto attended
Unlimited number of extensions.*
Extensions to outside lines (Like cell phones & home phones)
Unlimited calls between extensions
Unlimited simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls. (Never a busy signal!)
Location free. (Plug your office phone to any internet service anywhere and your phone will work like you are sitting in your office)
Voicemail by email
Enterprise level service
Better voice quality than traditional phone lines
Plus many other features

*We do not charge per extension and do not limit the amount of lines available to you! If desired, keep using your existing Phone System with our new service. (Some features may not be supported)

And as always, you can expect our personal, top of the line technical support and expertise at your disposal.

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For More Information, Please Contact cpVoice at 416-492-0321

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